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CDGA Weekly Report - July 26, 2013

Scouting Report
July 26, 2013 Scouting Report

It has been a welcome relief week for all of us this week as the stress of last week is somewhat dissipating from a climate standpoint. Long term forecasts also sound promising and it maybe that roots will start growing downward, which makes for a VERY irregular July going into August. If the forecast holds into early next week - opening the rootzone to get oxygen is definitely a priority. It seems that most managers came through the heat in pretty good shape and with time starting to wind down going into August many managers are looking forward to a good finish with healthy turf.

This week many superintendents are turning towards the fall and looking at planning their cultural practices towards the end of the season. Some of the practices such as aeration have been set in place for six months already and members know about them. It might be a good time however to start thinking about getting information together about the plan and expected dates of work. This can be communicated to the members to let them know what is coming and when it will happen. Regardless of when you tell them there will be some misgivings. Most importantly however - tell the members WHY you are doing this and WHAT the benefit is to them. You need to have members involved in their course and this is one way to get interaction. This information will help them understand why their ball runs into the creek next year due to green speed rather than bare soil! Secondly the issue of bacteria has raised its head and I will talk a little about what I have seen with it and what has been going on results wise.

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