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CDGA Weekly Update - July 19, 2013

July 19, 2013 Scouting Report

Well we are just over half way through the summer season with another six weeks to go until the end of August. Many of you feel that 15th of August means relief and if you have not lost turf by then, you will be good for the rest of the year. This week was the first test and it seems like many of you came through. It is the first however and it does mean that the roots which looked excellent 3 weeks ago are not a happy bunch right now and probably have retracted dramatically. That being the case despite the cool weather predicted early next week, trying to get oxygen down in the hot soil is the best thing you can do early next week. Many people I have talked to this week have cut back on a lot of things, whether its top dressing, raising mowing heights or growth regulation. The understanding that grass is not recovering as quickly and pushing turf harder will lead to problems is clear.

This week mangers dealt with turf issues but I'm sure many of you were also cognizant of people issues.

A few tips from OSHA ahead of the next heat period we may run into include:

-Provide a lot of cool water to workers close to the work area. At least one pint of water per hour is needed
-Schedule frequent rest periods with water breaks in shaded or air-conditioned areas.
-Routinely check workers who are at risk of heat stress due to protective clothing and high temperature.
-Consider protective clothing that provides cooling how you can protect yourself and theres
-Know signs/symptoms of heat illnesses; monitor yourself; use a buddy system.
-Block out direct sun and other heat sources.
-Drink plenty of fluids. Drink often and BEFORE you are thirsty. Drink water every 15 minutes.
-Avoid beverages containing alcohol or caffeine.
-Wear lightweight, light colored, loose-fitting clothes.

What to do when a Worker is Ill from the Heat:

-Call a supervisor for help. If the supervisor is not available, call 911.
-Have someone stay with the worker until help arrives.
-Move the worker to a cooler/shaded area.
-Remove outer clothing.
-Fan and mist the worker with water; apply ice (ice bags or ice towels).
-Provide cool drinking water, if able to drink.
-IF THE WORKER IS NOT ALERT or seems confused, this may be a heat stroke. CALL 911 IMMEDIATELY and apply ice as soon as possible.

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