Monday, July 1, 2013

CDGA Weekly Update - June 28, 2013

June 28, 2013 Scouting Report

This week I was all ready to produce a profound and deeply insightful scouting report. Tuesday night and Wednesday morning changed that. The problems with rainfall are unprecedented and will leave some of your colleagues in tough situations going forward. The response and empathy however is what struck me strongly this week and followed on from last weekend at the Encompass Championship. As an industry I would like to say that your willingness to lend a hand and jump in to do whatever it takes is astounding in the region. I have been delighted to see volunteers help in so many situations to try and get the job done. The passion that is here for the golf courses you manage has been in plain sight over the last 5-7 days and I would like to say that you all deserve a slap on the back. It is a pity however that this is only the start of the summer!

The teamwork you have instilled in your crews has shone through and I can only say that the golf courses here are benefitting immensely from the same mentality on a day to day basis. In light of the fact that the soil saturation has continued basically all the way since ground thawed, please try, and try some more to get oxygen into your roots. If the 'weather forecast' holds for the upcoming week the cool off in temperatures will provide some relief, but pencil tining your greens is the least you can do to help yourself going forward. This may be also a great time to start considering future drainage projects - so use the problem to create a long term benefit where possible. The crews all deserve respect for the long hard hours they have put in cleaning the courses up and I'm sure they will take all the appreciation they can get - you will need them to step up again so keep them happy! Its events like this, whether, weather or tournaments which make me realize what a great industry made up of great people we are in - long may it continue!

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