Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Flood Update #7 - The Aftermath

The flood waters are gone, but the pumps on #15 continue to pump flood waters draining from Honey Lake at full capacity.  The pumps have been running non-stop for almost a week.  It will be a few more days and lake levels will be back to normal.  But the aftermath of the flood will continue for weeks ahead.  We did suffer turf loss.  Most notably on #13 green, #2/9 tee, #11 tee, #14 tee and approaches to #13, #10 and #8. We also might have some turf loss in fairways - still a bit early to tell.   These are all areas that drained last.  #13 green sites in the lowest location on the golf course; the hardest to drain and the last to drain.  We will be evaluating the options in the coming days for repairing the damage not only for the short term but the long term.
From a distance things look pretty good.

First mowing of the fairway  after the water went down.  The brown is mostly silt.

The new seeded/expanded fairways is coming back slower than the established turf.

Mowing the rough - as the silt drys, it then turns to dust.

#13 green - the lowest location on the course and the last to drain.  It will take a few more days to see if this turf will come back.

Close-up of #13 green - some life can be seen - time will tell.