Monday, July 22, 2013

Projects this Week

Today (Monday) we are continuing work to repair the course from the flood along with other maintenance tasks.  We are completing the final leveling of the tees and hopefully lay sod later in the week.  We are also removing some trees - ash infected with EAB (Emerald Ash Borer) and a few others that are safety issues prior to restoring the same areas from the flood.  Before we restore the rough in the #18/#13 area we will be installing service path along the creek (on the South side) work will begin this week.

The board has given tentative approval for the rebuilding of #10 and #13 greens.  The plan is to begin construction on Aug 5th and have the greens seeded before Sept 1. More info as soon as the plans are finalized.  The worst areas of the rough will also be leveled and seeded over the next 6 weeks.   In the long run the course will be better than it was prior to the flood.

Leveling tees - hope to begin sod work late in the week.  New drainage was added to all tees.

Removal of trees infected with EAB and a few other trees prior to restoration of flood damaged areas.

Needle tine aerification of greens - a stressful past week for the turf.  Also applying wetting agents to all greens and tees.