Friday, July 5, 2013

The Recovery - Never Fast Enough

The recovery and repair process has now begun.  It is never as fast as we would like.  Today we worked on #13 green filing in the aeration holes with sand, slit seeding the green and topdressing the green.  Next week we will begin work on the tees and approaches; stripping the sod, adding drainage, leveling and raising the teeing surface and then laying new sod.  The weather forecast is calling for more rain - the models suggest some areas might get up to 7" or as little as a 0.25", I am hoping we are near the 0.25".  See charts below from WGN.

Filling the aeration holes with sand prior to slit seeding and dragging.

The area on the left was seeded last fall.  The newer turf seemed to suffer more than the established turf.  If you look closely you can see where the drain line runs and a riser.  The turf over the drain is greener, suggesting that drainage does help the turf.

Monarda that was under water died when the water receded.  Mondarda that had leaves above the flood wasters lived but for only a few more days.  Most likely the roots have rotted and the first day of sunshine was enough to kill the plants as it tried to respire.  We will wait and see what plants will live before replanting.