Friday, August 16, 2013

#13 Green Ready, #10 Almost

#13 green is just about finished and #10 green will be ready for the 12" of mix on Monday.  After that final grading of the bunkers, work then begins on the drainage and irrigation.  With any luck by then end of next week we will be seeding the greens and surrounds.  Today we are also finishing work on #2 tee then moving to #11 ladies tee.  That will then complete phase 2 of the tee rebuilding project.  In about 2 weeks all new tees will be open, at this time sections of the tees are open with include #2 part of mens and pro, all of #9, #11 part of mens and pro, #14 pro and mens.

Next week we will continue to renovate the rough and hydro mulch.  As soon as the greens are complete we will work our way out leveling the rough, seeding and hydro mulching.  Our goal is to be complete with all major work by the end of August.

4" of bridging gravel is used on top of the drain tile then 12" of greens mix is added.  We are using a special flat drain tile due to the geo grid which is located in the 6" sand layer.  The drainage that was put into the greens a few years ago is still in tact.

The bridging gravel is spread with a small skid steer with tracks.

It is a busy place in the shop area.  Semi's are unloaded and all material is reloaded onto small trailers and carts due to the peat soils.  Up to 25 semi's come though the shop each day.  We will use close to 100 semi loads of top soil, and 100 more semis of sand, gravel and greens mix to complete the process.  In addition to semi traffic, we have all of other delivers of sod, fuel, fertilizer and parts moving though the maintenance area.

Work begins on #10 gravel layer.
#13 green - Greens mix is in.  Finish grading will begin within the next few days.

The gravel layer is probed to make sure it is a even 4" thick.

Hauling material a few tons at a time is very labor intensive.

Work is just about complete with #2 tee.  We will begin work on #11 ladies tee today.  All other tees are complete and all will open with the next two weeks.  Some rebuilt tee are now open.  PLEASE DO NOT WALK ON CLOSED TEES (those with ropes across them).