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CDGA Weekly Update- August 23, 2013

Scouting Report
August 23, 2013 Scouting Report

The heat has returned and with a fair amount of bang as well. The sentiment is that the climate is now being affected by southwest winds which are driving hot and humid air into the area. The other issue that has increased is of course water and the lack of it. The spotty nature of our weather has meant that some locations have had half the rainfall of normal since July while others were doing well until last week when I think everyone started to dry out. Luckily for many of us we did finally get rain on Thursday but the heat will continue for a little while yet. It is also that time of year when your hard working and enthusiastic interns enthusiastically return to education. I think internships for one are a hugely valuable learning experience, both for superintendent and student. Experience and learning on course are extremely difficult to replace in the class room, a strong base can be created there but there is some real world experiences that we cannot learn in class - chasing hydraulic oil spills is one for sure! The benefit to superintendents is twofold - you get to evaluate prospective employees for down the road but more importantly you can also indicate to the turfgrass program what you like about the standard of education they are delivering and try to have them focus on new areas that you feel add value to the future employees and leaders. I would think doing this as a group is going to be more effective also!

This week while in central Illinois, I was able to see how much the turf industry really is a tight knit and generous community. In honoring George "Tony" Polillo, a CIGCSA charter member, the dedication of a research and education fund set up in his name started with a healthy $5,000. The dedication ceremony itself was plenty of fun with great memories and anecdotes from his life - people flew in from all over the country to attend and this is why this industry will always be strong, with kind and generous people who respect those who have gone before them while striving to lead into what is ahead of them.

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