Tuesday, August 27, 2013

New Greens Seeded

The new greens were seeded this morning along with the approaches and bluegrass surrounds.  The area was then hydro mulched.  In about 7 days the bent seed will be coming up if all goes well.  The bluegrass will take a few more days (about 10-14) before it germinates.  We also used turf type Tall fescue seed in wear areas along the cart path along with the bluegrass.  The bluegrass varieties that we are using were specifically blended for Biltmore, called the "Biltmore Blend".  This blend is made up of newer varieties picked for attributes that we were looking for - dense, low growth habit, good color, good disease tolerance and able to handle shade and wear.  No one variety of blue grass is good at all of these, but by having a mix, those plants that find themselves in a shady area will do good and those best able to handle Summer Patch (a disease) will thrive.  As for the greens, they were seeded with "007", a new variety that has shown good traits in all areas.  This is similar to "A4", what we have been seeding our greens with but the research shows "007" to be slightly better turf.

There will be large areas of Ground Under Repair.  Please follow cart signs to the correct path.  As a general rule, please keep all carts on #13 fairway (green side of the creek) and #18 fairway until you are past the seed ground.  The bluegrass seeded areas may open up late this fall, depending on weather but #10 and #13 greens will not open until June of 2014.

The new Sand Pro at work. The bent seed is "pushed" into the soil with the wheels by driving back and forth.  This is the new approach to #13 green (with the green in the background).

Nazario seeding #10 green with "007" bent grass.  The drop seeder is used because the seed is so small.  Only #30 of seed was used for both greens.

Final touches to #13 approach.  A small area was left open for cart to exit from the fairway to the path.

Javier applies the hydro mulch spray.  This layer is very thin and used to help create seed soil contact and maintain soil moisture.  It is not used on the green.  The green will be kept moist by running the irrigation system several times per day.

View from the new additional #18 ladies tee.  The fairway was expanded in front of the tee.  This will not replace the old tee, but be an extra tee for the ladies.

A close of our custom drain covers.  We make these out of steel for several reasons - plastic one break, float and get clogged.  The medal ones are also easy to find with a metal detector.  The openings are too small for a golf ball and they are much cheaper than the plastic ones, costing less than a $1 per cover.  Can you see the bent grass seed?  Small yellow specs.