Tuesday, August 6, 2013

1st Layer of the Cake

Today we begin putting the 1st layer of the green construction down.  This base layer is something most courses never have to do, but because of the peat soils we needed to put a layer of course sand on top of the geo grid.  This locks the geo grid in place as we continue to add more layers to the green.  Today ~250 tons of sand was moved onto #13 green.  This is just the beginning.  Today was a "test" day to see how things would go moving material across the bog- so far so good.  Tomorrow they will ramp up the delivery of material.

Today we also:
  • Aerified more rough and seeded it
  • Completed #9 men's tee and installed bent sod -PLEASE DO NOT WALK ACROSS THE NEW SOD!! 
  • Began work on #14 Pro tee reconstruction
  • Competed drainage on holes #1 and #8
  • Finished slit seeding fairways (and topdressing)
This week we will:
  • Continue to aerifiy weak areas of the rough and seed.
  • Continue with the rebuilding of the tees
  • Complete some more minor drainage projects
  • Begin roto tilling rough (left of #8, near the green will be first)
Your continued help in avoiding any areas under repair is greatly appreciated along with your understanding as we work to make Biltmore better than it was prior to the flood.

#9 tee - the teeing surface was sodded today.  Please do not walk across the new sod.

#13 Green - just about finished with the 1st layer.