Saturday, September 28, 2013

What a Fall!

The weather has been nothing but perfect!  The seeded areas are filling in nicely, the new greens are growing.  We continue to check off projects from our list.  This past week we replaced the the bricks in the portico by the front of the clubhouse, removed and replaced the shingles from one of the maintenance buildings, completed the leveling of #15 ladies tee and began work on leveling  #7 tee.

Next week we will replace the shingles on the 1/2 way house, compete the leveling of #7 tee and possibly begin painting of the maintenance building.

All of these projects are being done with in-house - no contractors.

New shingles on the maintenance building - 1/2 way house next week.

Leveling of #7 tee.

Hypoestes - a great plant for shade (no flowers, just foliage)

New brick pavers at the enterence to the clubhouse.

#13 green - filling in nicely

Jaime Rizo watering the new ladies tee on #16.  Will open in the next few weeks.

#15 ladies tee - leveled and enlarged.  Will open in a few weeks.

Sunday, September 22, 2013

New Greens and Projects

We have been cutting the new greens every other day for the last 10 days.  The greens were seeded 27 days ago and are on schedule.  We did have some washing of the seed on the approaches and those areas have been reseeded and is starting to fill in.

In the coming weeks we will be leveling #15 ladies tee and #7 tee, re-shingling the 1/2 way house and one of the maintenance buildings.

As the rough areas are mature enough we will remove the ropes.  The rough around #8 may have the ropes removed in the next few weeks.  Thanks for your help in keeping carts out of the newly seeded areas.

Cutting #13 green today (Sept 22nd)

Cutting #10 - the first mowing (Sept 13th)

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Aerification and the New Greens

Aerification is well underway - the heat has slowed the crew a bit.  We worked 13 1/2 hours yesterday and will do the same today and should have most of the work completed.  Some clean up will continue on Wednesday.

We will be cutting #10 and #13 green within the next few days.  They have been growing nicely.

Sometimes it is just to temping to be the first person to drive in the renovated areas - over the weekend someone tried the newly seeded area out - they took the long way around and were lucky they did not get stuck.

This piece of equipment grinds the aerification plugs.  The fairways are then dragged, blown and mowed.

Filling the holes with sand is labor intensive - on a 90 degree day is a hot hard work.

#10 green will be mowed for the first time in the next few days.

Sunday, September 1, 2013

CDGA Weekly - August 30, 2013

August 30, 2013 Scouting Report

Timing, timing, timing. It's that part of the year where winding down starts with much of the heavy play starting to decline on the courses and many managers pull the trigger on cultural practices. It can be an awkward time of the year for many of us - cultural practices disrupt some excellent surfaces and so memberships are not happy. A majority of courses pencil in the dates for these practices at least a year in advance and gladly stick to the dates. During a normal summer turf has gotten beat up at this stage and many of us need to open up the putting surface to get oxygen back into the roots and promote recovery.

This year has been a little different temperature wise and many of the courses I have seen have had greens in excellent condition. The issue is that if you don't pull the trigger on the practices now, recovery may not be there and markings may last all the way into next year - especially if we get an early cold snap. This juggling act is really hard to balance and always leaves someone unhappy - however you handle is your choice - but make sure it's done in a diplomatic way! Finally, we need rain - last weeks effort wasn't enough and there is not much in the forecast currently - don't get into wilt situations leading to potential problems you don't and for managers on Poa greens using probes - make sure you are at the 1.5 inch depth and watch for the early part of the week, labor day might be gone but weather wise there will be a lot of water loss - don't get caught out!

Enjoy the holiday!

Click here to view the August 30, 2013 Scouting Report

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