Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Aerification and the New Greens

Aerification is well underway - the heat has slowed the crew a bit.  We worked 13 1/2 hours yesterday and will do the same today and should have most of the work completed.  Some clean up will continue on Wednesday.

We will be cutting #10 and #13 green within the next few days.  They have been growing nicely.

Sometimes it is just to temping to be the first person to drive in the renovated areas - over the weekend someone tried the newly seeded area out - they took the long way around and were lucky they did not get stuck.

This piece of equipment grinds the aerification plugs.  The fairways are then dragged, blown and mowed.

Filling the holes with sand is labor intensive - on a 90 degree day is a hot hard work.

#10 green will be mowed for the first time in the next few days.