Saturday, September 28, 2013

What a Fall!

The weather has been nothing but perfect!  The seeded areas are filling in nicely, the new greens are growing.  We continue to check off projects from our list.  This past week we replaced the the bricks in the portico by the front of the clubhouse, removed and replaced the shingles from one of the maintenance buildings, completed the leveling of #15 ladies tee and began work on leveling  #7 tee.

Next week we will replace the shingles on the 1/2 way house, compete the leveling of #7 tee and possibly begin painting of the maintenance building.

All of these projects are being done with in-house - no contractors.

New shingles on the maintenance building - 1/2 way house next week.

Leveling of #7 tee.

Hypoestes - a great plant for shade (no flowers, just foliage)

New brick pavers at the enterence to the clubhouse.

#13 green - filling in nicely

Jaime Rizo watering the new ladies tee on #16.  Will open in the next few weeks.

#15 ladies tee - leveled and enlarged.  Will open in a few weeks.