Tuesday, November 12, 2013


Cold day for blowing the irrigation system.  We started clearing the lines of water yesterday in the rain/snow and finishing today in the snow!  Low of 16.7 last night - ice formed on the ponds/creeks overnight.

It looks like things will warm up by the weekend, but when the greens close is always a guess but it typically is sometime around Thanksgiving but occurs when the freezes or we receive a large snow.

Keep warm!
This could be a pictures of Jan or  Feb - but it was November 12th.  You can see a small puff of "smoke" rising from a sprinkler head - that is actually water vapor as we finish blowing the irrigation system today.

Frozen ground

The air compressor is a bit larger than you might expect - with miles of pipe to clear, the larger air compressor is needed.

The rain switched over to snow on Monday.