Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Winter Continues and Mike moves on

The winter just won't let up and concern is growing among Golf Course Superintendent's as to what they will find when the snow finally does melt.  Dr. Ed Nangle from the CDGA wrote a great article explaining the challenges that may lay ahead:

Click here to view the Winter Turfgrass Update

We have been out on the course and ice has formed in some areas, mostly those that have ice issues (low areas).  The key is if the ice is either allowing oxygen to pass (not at thick, hard ice) or does not last long enough to cause damage.  We are monitoring it closely had hope we have a break in the weather soon.  Right now the ice is thin, and not all that dense.

Last week we removed snow in the drainage/ low areas of the greens to help reduce ice formation.  Time will tell, but we are hoping for a break in the weather soon.

Mike Paciaga started February 1st as the new head Golf Course Superintendent at Kemper Lakes.  Mike worked for Biltmore for over 5 years as my assistant.  He will do a great job at Kemper and we wish him the best of luck!