Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Brutal winter is slowly being revealed

As the snow and ice slowly melt, the true extent of the damage is starting to show up but the full extent will not be known for at least a few more weeks.  Some areas look pretty bad, but on closer examination their appears to be some signs of life.  We will have some ice and desiccation damage, just how much is yet to be know.  The new greens (10 and 13) seem to be in the best shape coming out of the winter so far.  Evergreens also suffered from the low temperatures and high winds during the winter.

Taken  Wednesday AM - even with the light rain, snow and ice still cover large areas of the course

#11 Green - high greens were exposed to cold winds and show widespread tip burn.  In a few weeks we will know more, looking closely they appear to be alive.
Concolor Firs on #4 tee experienced tip burn as well.

Our drainage paths that we created on the lower greens seems to have helped move water off the greens, but some of the poa was still damage from the ice.