Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Biltmore Weather Data

Slow spring, not what we like to see when healing is needed.  The rain was good, but sun and  warmth is really needed now.  We had 1.32" of rain in the last few days.  Check out some of those low temp readings in Jan and Feb (and the highs, if you can call them that)!  Yikes it was cold this past winter!!  It is hard to remember, but ~15 days ago (on April 15th) we had snow across the course - see blog below.  We are still running about 2-3 weeks behind normal.  At the bottom of this post are links to videos and a blog of Turf Universities and what they are seeing, as far as winter kill, how it happened and what to expect- very informative.

Biltmore weather data from Jan 1 - end of April.  Soil temps are hovering around 50, we need them to jump up to the 55-60 range for good turf growth.

Below are some links on YouTube about the winter kill to turf:

Winter Kill - Penn State

Winter Kill - Nebraska

Michigan State Blog on Winter Kill