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CDGA Weekly Report - April 25, 2015

Scouting Report
April 25, 2014 Scouting Report

On my first visit to the very far southern part of the state this week, I learned some very important things. Living in the middle of the transition zone can fit the term 'variety is the spice of life' nicely or it can be tough sledding when managing turfgrass through the seasons. I also learned that the polar vortex spared no one around the state. Temperature kill is of huge concern there and there is some extremely 'dormant' bermudagrass right now which may need so life support. Zoysiagrass is everyone's friend down there and the importance of Dr. Ken Diesburg and his world leading breeding program cannot be underestimated at Southern Illinois University. Zoysia also came through the winter in much better shape there and I am sure many courses are delighted with the results.

Superintendents in the area are of course ahead of the northern part of the state and Waitea may have been noted already, while many of the superintendents are also waiting for complete recovery from dormancy of zoysia. Many commented however that they are still a month behind normal - wild garlic has taken its chance to invade in the mean time! The one safety release that many superintendents have of course is that due to dormancy - applications to kill Poa annua can be made during these periods and there is limited impact on preferred warm season turf species!

I hope everyone took the time to fill out the survey and look forward to seeing many next Tuesday at the MAGCS meeting. I also hope that everyone had a good Easter and is looking forward to seeing recovering turf!

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