Thursday, April 10, 2014

Course Opening Thursday.

The course will open today, Thursday, April 10th at noon.  This ties the latest opening of the course in more than 20 years.  The damage from the winter has been the worst than I have seen over the same period of time.  We all knew it was a long, cold winter but we had high hopes that everything would be okay.

The turf is just starting to turn green and has not started growing quite yet.  In the next few weeks I except to see improvements, but there will be areas that require more attention.  Two greens will remain closed at this time (#7 and #11).    #15 and #17 will have covers over the bad areas but will be open for play.  I am not sure how long the two greens will be closed at this time; it could be a few weeks or longer.

All of the greens have some damage from the heavy snow and ice which lasted longer than poa can handle.  Looks can be deceiving at this time as "brownish" turf does not necessarily mean it is dead.  As the soils warm and the grass continue to wake up, the picture will become clearer.

On a positive note, #10 and #13 greens look GREAT!  These greens were also covered in ice like the others and came through the winter in the best shape possible, just showing that poa vs the new varieties of bent are not even comparable.  The new bents require less care, fewer fungicides, and perform far better than any old poa greens.  If someone should ask, what’s the difference between poa and bent – take a look at 10/13 green and compare to any of the other greens and the answer will become clear.

As things develop, I will keep you posted to our progress in restoring the greens.  The weather has been harsh, but we are focused on restoring the course as quick as possible, which we will do.
Covers are used to help stimulate the turf by warming the soil.  Please do not walk across the covers.  #7 and #11 greens will be closed at this time.  #15 and #17 have will be open, with covers over portions of the greens.