Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Greens Opening?.... Not yet...

It looks like this will be one of the latest greens openings in recent times.  I do not foresee the greens opening within the next week as the weather forecast is just not helping.   Some greens are starting to wake up but others are still very dormant.  Below are some pictures I took today, Tuesday, April 1st.  Ice still covers Honey Lake and #7 pond.  As the ice melts, more evidence of the brutal winter are coming forward.  It was not just plants that were impacted by the cold, long winter.

#7 Pond - as the ice melts, hundreds of dead fish are starting to show up.  These fish kills were predicted by the IL DNR due to the amount of ice we had on the lakes.  The fish died due to lack of oxygen.

Snow still remains in some bunkers.  #10 green looks great!  Bent grass had no issues with the winter.

#10 fairway on the peat looks like a moonscape.  The frost heaves were tremendous this year in the peat fairways.  Soon we will begin rolling the fairways and rough flat again.

#2 green.  The bent is green and poa is going from straw color to a lime green.  In a few more weeks we will know exactly what poa did not live.  There will be some damage to greens, how much is not clear yet.

Raccoons came out of winter hungry for some grubs/worms.  This is left of #15 green in the rough.  We will repair the areas in the coming weeks.