Friday, April 25, 2014

New Greens

A busy week is coming to a close.  We have stripped #7 and #11 greens, used what was good to repair other greens, contoured them and installed new "007" sod.  Now begins phase two, making them in to puttable greens.  Water is key, especially with the dry spring we are having (20th driest on record), but all that is expected to change next week.  We are still repairing spots in fairways and have a few more greens to touch up.  Our goal is to have everything open (all 18 greens) and no ropes in fairways by Memorial Day!  So far we are on schedule.

The sod was grown near Ann Arbor, Michigan and came in large rolls on two semis.

An "installer" machine was used to lay the large rolls.

The finished product - more pin locations and new bent sod.  In ~4 weeks they will be open for play!  We will have to evaluate the trees around #11 green, as the shade is not a friend of bent grass.

Rolling of the seams is the first of many steps to get the turf to a puttable surface.