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CDGA Weekly Report - May 9, 2014

Scouting Report
May 9, 2014 Scouting Report

Wow - a week of all kinds of everything going on. The heat finally arrived - with a big bang I might add - and the rain followed which was welcome. The 1.2" in a 2-3 hour period was somewhat tropical though and so it made for somewhat sloppy surfaces in places. There was as always with Chicago climate spatial variability to the rainfall but some courses did get poured on. Many courses were starting to get dry so a natural flush of warmer water helped for many reasons. Establishment of bentgrass seed will have been helped and another week of that warm weather would really put courses in a better situation. The humidity that arrived Thursday with the heat was the first push for disease activity while aeration holes are also starting to fill in and bentgrass greens are beginning to look really nice.

Golf has been somewhat slow to get going, presumably with the weather improving activity will return, however it is helping with recovery time as managers commented that they have been able to get some work done. Many superintendents are finished with what caused the winter problems and are now trying to push for recovery as quick as possible. The weather of the previous week may have been depressing but this most recent weeks weather was definitely more uplifting. Bentgrass surfaces in Central Illinois are also in excellent form as the heat has started to return down there now.

Time is still needed to return to excellent conditions but at least some heat has finally shown up!

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