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CDGA Weekly Update - May 23, 2014

Scouting Report
May 23, 2014 Scouting Report

Golf ball sized hail and tropical like rainfalls were not asked for this week - they did however decide to turn up! Courses either saw direct damage to putting surfaces from the golf ball sized hail or if they avoided that problem, they then took a deluge of water which measured as much as 1.6" of rainfall in just over an hour. To give you an idea, to put down an inch of water over 1 acre you need 27,154 gallons of water, so on average golf courses with 100 acres received 2,715,400 gallons of water in less than an hour. That can equate to as much as 1/5 of the total irrigation used annually for some courses in the area - this occurred in 1 HOUR. If you do not feel that this is incredible then please take me out to Lake Michigan so I can watch you walk on water.

Once the deluge was done, temperatures and conditions actually turned rather favorably. Chainsaws, contractors and cleanup were the order of the day, and of course with Memorial Day weekend coming, pressure is really on. Courses have decided that they cannot wait any longer and people have begun to sod out areas that are sitting there. It's far from ideal as there are both short and long term implications, but as people want to get back out golfing then there is not much choice. Leaf spot has made an appearance and further down state dollar spot has really started to fire.

Recovery should really start in earnest with the temperatures pushing consistently into the 70's and 80's though it is also time to start really checking for disease issues as humidity is going to creep up. It is Memorial Day weekend so the start of summer is here - hopefully this bumpy start is coming to a rapid finish and we can get back to great golfing conditions.

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