Thursday, May 22, 2014

Flower Time and Greens Open Friday!

All greens will be open starting Friday, May 23rd.  #10 and #13 will be pretty much normal compared to the other greens, except that it is a pure bent green built to USGA specifications.  #7 and #11 are bent sod greens, but not on a USGA base.  #7 and #11 will be slower than the other greens due to the fact that we are mowing them at a higher height of cut then the other greens, due to the amount of thatch that came with the sod.  As we work to control the thatch we will slowly lower the height of cut.

The cold weather of last week (hard to even remember that it was snowing less than 7 days ago) slowed the recovery process down but things are improving day by day.  This week was flower planting and we are just about finished.
Karen Thomson, my wife who does all of the flower designs at Biltmore and is laying out the plantings for the flower pots used around the property.  It has been some long days this week - starting at 5:30AM and ending around today at 7:30PM.  All planting should be completed this week.
#7 Green - New bent green (from sod) - will open Friday.

New #10 and #13 USGA Bent greens grown from  seed will open Friday.  This is being maintained at the same height of cut as the other greens.

New #11 green will open Friday (from Sod).  The sod greens will be a slower than the other greens.