Tuesday, May 6, 2014

New Sod Greens

The new greens (#7 and #11)  that were sodded are now 2 weeks old and yesterday we aerified them for the first time.  This aerification removed some of the thatch from the sod.  The thatch helps in keeping the sod together during shipment and installation (we used big roll sod), but it does not help in making a smooth, puttable surface.  It will take several aerifications and many topdressings with sand to dilute and remove as much of the thatch as possible as we continue to lower the height of cut.  We started cutting the greens at .500" a few days after the sod was installed and are now cutting them at .180".  Our normal height of cut on the greens is around .110".  As we get closer, we will go slower in lowering the height (.005" at a time).  Our goal is to be very close to .110" by Memorial Day weekend, but we will have to see how the turf responds as we continue to lower the height of cut.

Pulling the plugs - we used a quad tine holder with 1/2" tines.
After the plugs are removed, the green is rolled 2 times and then sand is broomed across the green filling all holes.  We also applied wetting agents yesterday.

A close up of the plugs - mostly thatch.