Friday, May 16, 2014

Snow - May 16th!

When we came in today at 5:30AM to begin work, the temperature was 39 degrees.  By 7:30AM, the temp had dropped to 32.7 degrees (and still dropping as I write this) and SNOWING , big snow flakes continue to fall and starting to stick to the grass!  The radar shows heavy snow in the area. 

Today is flower pick up - starting after 12 noon.  Be sure to cover the flowers for the next few days at night as the low temps are predicted to be in our area. We have had hail, frost and bad t-storms during flower pick up, but snow is a first.

We will most likely have frost both Saturday and Sunday and delays in golfing start times should be anticipated.
Peter Westfall, my assistant, smiling, even with snow falling.

To protect the flowers, from frost - we cover them with plastic, but this is the first time we covered them to protect them from  SNOW!

Snow falling - notice the Robins on the bridge rails, even they are confused.