Saturday, May 3, 2014

Spring??? Is it Really Here??

Today after seemingly a month of cloudy, cool weather the sun is out and the forecast for next week looks promising!  We are still a few weeks behind in growth for this time of year, but things are starting to green up and grow (including the rough).  Seed on the greens is germinating and the damaged areas are filling in.  Our goal is to have all the greens back up and open by Memorial Day weekend.  So far we are on schedule.

Daffodils are great spring flowers if deer are an issue, as deer won't eat them.

The new roof for the clubhouse is well underway.  How many workers can you count?? Click to enlarge picture....

#13 green - ahhh, if only all the greens were like this one - pure bent "007", built to USGA specifications - life would be good for everyone.  This green (along with #10) will open Memorial Day weekend.  The mower in the picture is Toro's new electric greens mower.  This was given to us from Toro at no charge to keep.  Very quite and a nice cut.

Spring is here to stay, I HOPE...