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CDGA Weekly Update - June 13 2014

June 13, 2014 Scouting Report

Brown is better it seems. That's what you have looked at this week in North Carolina as the television has broadcast pictures from the venerable Pinehurst No 2 course during the US Open. The trend however is not a brand new one, many of us should remember how Pebble Beach looked a little crisp in the most recent US Open it hosted. The benefits from a playability standpoint however seem to well received. Further run on the ball of the drives, lower labor costs from hand watering and reductions in time spent on the golf course during heavy play periods. While no expense has been spared for the event, cutting the irrigation system down to a single row and dropping water use to far below what many of managers could imagine which if paying for water would mean a huge cost saving. It may influence courses to start to cut water use going forward but it is going to require superintendents to put a lot of trust in their staff and equipment.

The heat has really turned up this week with temperatures finally pushing into the high 80's and of course bringing soil temperatures with it. Hopefully some moderation of the trend will occur as we don't want to turn it into an oven in mid June already. From the perspective of May, overall conditions turned out to be a little cooler than normal and certainly wetter than average. The data sets from the southern part of the city were warmer on average by 2-3 °F while rainfall was somewhat less consistent farther south though volumes were similar for the month which was approx. 1.5" above average.

As the senior PGA tour returns to Chicago and the US Open wraps up, it sure feels like has arrived - let's hope it's a good one! Finally - for the fathers out there - enjoy the day.

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