Monday, June 30, 2014

Week in Pictures - drain tile and bug spray.

This section of drain tile came from the hill on #9 fairway, near the green.  You may have noticed a wet area on the hill last week.  This was caused by this tile failing due to being accidentally cut over 15 years ago when the irrigation system was installed.  Slowly slit entered the tile from the cut on top from where the wire puller nicked the tile.  Once the tile could no longer carry the water away, the water migrated to the surface, causing a wet spot.  We have replaced the clogged tile and everything is flowing again.

The American Celebration was a booming success!  However, the course did take a few hits.  Bug spray WILL KILL GRASS!  How do we know this was from bug spray?  The telltale signs of green foot prints.  When spraying bug spray, please stand on a cart path - it will not hurt the path one bit!  This always make me wonder, if bug spray kills grass - how safe is it on your skin....