Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Week in Pictures

The past week we have been working on maintaining our Audubon Certification status.  Part of the process involves reviewing all of the birdhouses on the property, repairing those needing help, recording what birds are nesting and removing any sparrows.  We also erected a few new bird houses; including owl, wren, blue bird and wood duck.

All below photos were taken by Wyatt Byrd.  

New Wood Duck houses were put up in Honey Lake.

A very large tadpole, most likely a bull frog.  Having frogs are a good indicator that the waters are clean.  The frogs skin is very sensitive to pollution.  This was found in the creek on #15.

Painted turtles were found traveling around the course this past week.  Most likely this is a female looking for a place to lay her eggs in a sand trap.

Peter Westfall doing repairs to one of our sprayers, inside the tank.

The mornings are always exciting, you never know what you might see!  One year a hot air balloon landed on the #18 ladies tee.  This week they kept on going.