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CDGA Weekly Update - July 18, 2014

July 18, 2014 Scouting Report

Well the weather did come through this week, which followed a fantastic week last week but was marred by a very wet weekend. Courses reported 5" of rain on Saturday 12th with the Southside of Chicago taking the worst of the volume. Courses were not able to get completely clear of water in some instances until Wednesday 16th which luckily enough occurred when temperatures were cooler, otherwise some more areas of turf could have been lost in what has been a tough climatological year so far. The cool conditions that have followed have been most welcome and hopefully allowed some courses to dry out ahead of the predicted heat that is going to come in. The heat is not going to be extreme as of right now and so it is to be welcomed to help push growth and dry down conditions to enhance playability.

The Purdue University research field day yielded some interesting information regarding to changes in labels and product use rates particularly on the herbicide end of it. Changes in labels for various product use need to be noted going forward. Dollar spot pressure had been relatively high there as well, but similar to the Chicagoland area other than that disease problems have not been too intense. The one nice thing right now is with the weather forecast (hopefully I don't jinx it again!) is that we are almost at the end of July and it would be really nice to ride this type of weather into early August!

Further field days are coming up, attend them if you can - information and research is always vital and it's the only direct way you and make informed decisions for many things. Finally, remember to get involved with all activities with your local associations, they need your support and the more you put in the more you get out.

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