Thursday, July 17, 2014

Driving Range Tee - Proper usage

The below pictures were taken on our driving range tee.  With proper usage, it can last most of the summer.

This area will not heal this year.  The seed/soil has no chance when the mowers pass over it as the seed/soil will be"pushed" out, creating a low spot (and an uneven teeing ground) and killing the new seedlings.

This much damage was caused by a few swings, as each swing took a large chunk of turf.  This amount of damage was not necessary for the swings taken.

This is better, thin strips with the ball placed in the back of a previous divot takes less turf with each swing.  Leaving turf on each side of the divot allows the turf to grow back across.  The mowers will also not push out the seed/soil as reels can easily bridge the damaged areas.