Thursday, July 3, 2014

Week in Pictures

Twice a month we do water testing on Honey Lake as part of the Volunteer Lake Management Program (VLMP).  Peter and Wyatt collect samples, process them and ship them to the IL EPA labs. There are three sites in Honey Lake that we monitor.  Some of the testing we do on site includes, EC (a measure of salt content), Dissolved Oxygen (at 1' intervals to the bottom of the lake), Secchi Disk readings (measures water clarity) along with other tests.   We have been involved with this program for over 15 years.

The newly sodded greens (7 and 11) are coming along, but a few areas need some extra special attention.  Small holes were made, new seed was spread and sand was brushed into the holes.  On #11 the right side does not see much sun and will struggle being bentgrass.  Bentgrass needs 9 hrs of sunlight, compared to Poa annua which can survive on 6 hrs of sunlight.  We knew this was going to be an issue when we installed the sod, but we did not have many options at the time.  We are looking into ways to correct the sun on this portion of the green, without removing trees - more on that later.

We are continuing to work on that never ending "Honey Do" list - this week we painted all the light poles and signs around the clubhouse.

The flowers are starting to fill in and showing their color.
The decision to remove a tree is never easy.  This past week we removed dangerous (rotten), infected (Emerald Ash Borer) and dead trees.  Today the stumps were ground and in the coming days the holes will be filled with soil and sod installed.  All of this work was done in-house.