Friday, August 29, 2014

Black Crappie Fish Kill - Honey Lake

A few days ago we noticed a few dead Black Crappies, but today (Friday) more are coming up dead.  After contacting the Lake County Health Department we were informed that this is caused by a virus that only attacks Black Crappies.  How this virus got into Honey Lake is a mystery but the effect is clear.  There is no cure for the virus, it will have to run its course.  There have been other reports around Lake County and in Wisconsin of similar fish kills.  It is believed that most of the fish killed by the virus are in the 3-4 years old range.  LCHD says swimming in the water is safe.

If you have any questions about the fish kill, please contact Adam, Michael at the LCHD -
Black Crappies killed by a virus in Honey Lake.