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CDGA Weekly Update - August 1, 2014

August 1, 2014 Scouting Report

Anthracnose running rampant seems to be the theme of the problems this summer. The suffering of Poa annua seems to have dragged on from a bad winter through a wet spring and now with any little stress at all it takes a dive and turns the foreboding yellow color. Fortunately temperatures have not been the problem but presumably the lack of precipitation over the last three weeks has contributed to it somewhat. Single product treatments are usually not as effective as a combination of contact and systemic if you are trying to shake it - funnily enough mowing heights being raised is also a great cure!

There was an excellent crowd at the Wisconsin field day and a range of information to be had on rational dollar spot management, Japanese beetle management and discussions on product timings. One issue that came up in conversation was the timing of the three way product applications with pre emergence, insecticide and fertility. The product may be going out too early in the year to retain the efficacy of the insecticide in particular and so the issues we have seen this year may have been a combination of both that and the tropical rainfall we saw through the early part of the year. The weather has left some really interesting numbers behind for the month of July, lows were 10°F below average for the month while the average high was approximately 5°F below average. It seems like it has been a weird year so far for weather for sure.

Field day will be Thursday, 11th of September, with Dr. Bruce Branham and Dr. Tom Voigt on the list of speakers as well as that all important coffee and donut breakfast and lunch. Registration will cost $50 and we will open it up next week at The current thought is to have the day start at 10 a.m. and be completed by 1:30 p.m. Finally, many of you are starting to see emails from Wee One Foundation - the bottom line is that it's a great cause and there is nothing better you can do to help out - so if you can take the opportunity and get involved, the rewards and hope the foundation brings are second to none.

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