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CDGA Weekly Update - August 22, 2014

August 22, 2014 Scouting Report

This week saw the arrival of summer, about two months late but it still brought some heat and humidity - forecasts have us dropping away from the discomfort of the heat and humidity rapidly so concern should not be rising. The heat will have benefited courses with newly seeded areas that are looking for extra heat in the soil profile to really help bentgrass establish. The humidity arrival did increase dollar spot pressure further and some courses have been battling this a little bit all summer. Rainfall amounts ranged from 3-5" for the week which was a pretty darn good soaking and will have put carts off the course for one day at least as well as washing bunkers into the proverbial mess. Courses that didn't get this type of rainfall will be very happy! Anthracnose issues seem to have declined and this may have been linked with the moisture which has been relatively consistent so far this month.

No reports of major grub activity yet but it's something that will be on many of your minds in the next couple of weeks for sure. Seeding of renovated areas is ongoing and it is the best time of year to do this - optimal soil temperatures, just enough time to establish prior to winter and then maturation with spring next year - Kentucky bluegrass and bentgrass really benefit from seeding at this time of the year. Rates may vary depending on your area of coverage but always take a look at the seed tag to check, seed age, numbers of pure live seed and any check if there are any unwanted varieties or cultivars in the bag.

Field day is rapidly coming upon us, and if you want to register please do so at Pigments, crabgrass, firmness and wetting agents, curative disease approaches and many other topics will be covered. Accomplished speakers and researchers are coming in from a regional basis to talk about projects and experiences with materials that we have worked with. It is sure to be a good time!

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