Friday, August 1, 2014

MGI Week in Pictures

Member Guest Invitational is an exciting time for the grounds crew to peak the conditioning of the course so the members can show off the course to their guests.  It takes weeks of prep work, but when the weather cooperates, like it has this year, the course really shines!  We did get 0.15" of rain today, but that is the first real rain in 19 days.  Below are some pictures taken mostly by Wyatt Byrd.
The day starts like any other day for the crew, at 5AM it is still very dark.  Lights on the greens mowers help see where to cut.

The second shift during MGI starts at 5:30PM - touch up watering, cutting fairways, tees and rough.  Long week for the crew, but this is what we love to do - make the course look and play perfect!

This week we get to see the sun come up and go down.
Hand watering greens in the dark.