Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Aerificaiton Has Started

For the next two days the crew will be working from dark to dark, 5:30AM ~7:30PM to complete the aerification process of the greens, tees and fairways.  We run a staggered shift during lunch to keep all equipment running non-stop.
Day one started out foggy - we need the sun to help dry things out so we can complete the work in two days.  This is #1 fairway being aerified.

Lots of sand (nearly 75 tons) is used to fill the holes in the greens.  Here Sal is creating the 3/4"x 12" holes in the greens.  Later we will push and blow the sand into the holes.

The dry sand is delivered 25 tons at a time.  The trucks come from Ohio where the sand is man-made to exact specifications from quartz rock. The sand is then blown from the truck through a pipe into the storage bin, where we then load it into our sand topdresser.

Sunshine is very important component of this process - without it all work comes to a halt.  We have a very tight schedule.