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CDGA Weekly Report - Sept 19, 2014

Scouting Report
September 19, 2014 Scouting Report

Winter is coming - and from what we can tell - it's coming fast! First frosts were reported on two occasions this week. Locations both on the west and northwest side of the city had slight frosts - which is a month ahead of the first likelihood for the area of frost occurrence according to the Farmers Almanac! The temperatures have certainly cooled off and it is noticeable in many ways that the winter is coming, most noticeably in crabgrass which has started to turn red as the cold temperatures impact is photosynthetic capacity. The other downside to these cooler temperatures is that aeration procedures that have been scheduled later may take a longer time to recover if the pattern continues as the bentgrass in particular will cease with its growth habit.

Insect digging has not necessarily dissipated although the overall damage this year does not seem to be as bad as previous years and this may be linked to both the cold winter and the fact that the summer was relatively wet. Disease pressure has subsided somewhat although there are plenty of dollar spot scars to be seen on fairways. Pressure may rise somewhat this weekend with temperatures forecast to rise back into the 80 degree range, but long term the cooler temperatures will naturally reduce the issue.

Leaf spot may have popped up this past week somewhat as the cooler temperatures affected the bentgrass, however again - drying out and blue skies will help to reduce that pressure.

A majority of superintendents are happy with their course conditions currently and I have seen some excellent playing surfaces - it really is a great time of year to get out and enjoy the course - getting an extra bounce as surfaces can be safely dried out and allow for great golf conditions.

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