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CDGA Weekly Update - Sept 5 2014

Scouting Report
September 5, 2014 Scouting Report

The week that was echoed the month that was just passed, a little bit wetter than we would like, but it could have been a lot worse. Aeration and recovery is now the focus of many and looking at the weather forecast the sooner it is done the better - otherwise it seems like recovery could take a long time. Conditions have been nothing short of excellent all summer and it is setting up for a great season of fall golf. Leaf spot is hanging around with the moisture and undoubtedly there are some very wet rootzones. This buildup of moisture followed by heat has triggered the appearance of some summer patch so managers have begun to look at root drench type control options to knock it back.

Insect digging has occurred and damage is now evident, though probably not as bad as was expected. Dollar spot and brown patch were active though reports of pythium activity diminished. The annual Wee One foundation fundraiser is upcoming at Pine Hills and even though the field is full, there is always an opportunity to help. The foundation's purpose is a noble cause: 'The Wee One Foundation was named to honor Wayne Otto CGCS and to continue to assist golf course management professionals and their dependents who incur overwhelming expenses due to medical hardship without comprehensive insurance or adequate financial resources.' Take a look at all the work they have done at

The turfgrass field day is almost upon us and if you get the chance, register ASAP to help us confirm numbers for lunch purposes. You can register online at as well as printing out the form and faxing it into the Midwest Golf House at (630) 257-2088.

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As always if you have a question or query please do not hesitate to ask and you can call or email.

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