Friday, September 26, 2014

Week in Pictures

Beautiful week and weekend coming.  Be sure to get out and enjoy the weather!  Fall color is starting to show.  Trees are turning and the flowers that prefer cooler weather are looking nice.  A physical response to the colder weather and short days tell all living plants it is time to prepare for winter.  Part of that response can be a color change but for all plants their growth habit is altered as they shift gears in preparation for winter.
Maples are just now starting to change color. Oaks started dropping leaves last week.

Marigolds like the cooler, drier, sunny weather.  Considered an "old fashion" flower, they are starting to make a comeback.

This time of year the grasses look their best.  Purple Fountain grass, an annual type grass, is at it's peak.

Mums are a classic flower of Fall.

Lantana (an annual) can handle frosts.  Frost will turn the leaves more purple but keeps on flowering.  A great plant for sunny, dry locations. 

Early morning fog is common on the bog at Biltmore.  Cold air drainage can make the temperature vary greatly from the bog to the putting green in the early morning and late evening.