Saturday, September 13, 2014

Where were you in 1973?

In 1973, Miguel Rodriguez began his carrier at Biltmore Country Club - over 41 years ago.  He tells stories about living in the old clubhouse upstairs.  He has seen many things change over the years- new clubhouse, new irrigation systems - two of them, flipping of the "9's" - several times, many floods and storms and lots of drainage work.  He has been an important part in making the course go from a place that would flood for weeks to draining within hours.  He is our go to guy for drainage - he has overseen the installation of miles and miles of drainage tile.  He can remember the day when they use to call Biltmore, "Floodmore".

After this year he is slowing down a bit and going from full to part time so he can spend more time in Mexico during the winter.  A big change for someone who has devoted his life to Biltmore.  But his career working on the golf course is not over yet.  He may spend more time cutting rough then greens now, but he still has the passion to get up at 4AM each day during the summer and make Biltmore better for the members.

He has also raised several Evens Scholar sons who caddied at Biltmore.

You many not have seen him, you may not even know him, but he is someone we all should thank for his years of service and we hope many more years to come.  So the next time you see Mike on the course, tell him thank you!

Miguel Rodriguez - 41 years of service and counting!
Mike - our "go to guy" for drainage.  He has trenched miles and miles of drain tile - from rough to fairways to greens.