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CDGA Weekly - Oct 17, 2014

October 17, 2014 Scouting Report

We have had a dreary week that had as much as 2" of rainfall and decidedly fall like temperatures was the order of the moment. It did however finish on a bright note on the Friday and Saturday as the blue skies returned to warm the locale up. Tree lines have turned into the beautiful fall colors which have also brought the annual battle with leaf drop to a peak. The pigmentation however is certainly to be enjoyed and many will appreciate this time of year for the colors alone that can be seen all over the state. The MAGCS fall meeting will soon be upon us, so registration sooner rather than later to guarantee a seat is a good idea!

Insect activity seems to have dissipated and the digging damage subsided, however this week proved ideal for earthworm activity and many courses were seeing the smearing on fairways despite best efforts to remove the casts. They are an annual battle and the issue seems to rear its head in a focused manner where the fairways become very smeared and unsightly. The rain was certainly appreciated though it made conditions somewhat soft, however a week of dry weather would really make for excellent golfing conditions going into the mid fall. Poa germination has been evident this week and so if you think it was gone - think again!

Conference dates are beginning to line up and remember the following before the end of the year. The following dates should be of interest: Nov 11th - Midwest Turf Clinic, Dec 2-4th Kansas Turfgrass Conference, Dec 9-11th Ohio Turfgrass Conference and Show. Further opportunities for education and networking are ongoing - get involved!

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