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CDGA Weekly Update - Oct 24, 2014

Scouting Report
October 24, 2014 Scouting Report

As we start to wind down towards the end of the season and golf courses are looking at planning for the winter and also looking towards next year - especially with the early order programs now in full flow - it's always a good idea to look into what could happen and whether or not we could have done anything differently. Certainly the climate has already drawn queries as how to approach the upcoming winter. One issue we must remember however is that the winter of 2013-14 broke large numbers of records including the 100 year old temperature record - I'm open to anyone telling me that this winter will be the same, but I'm also willing to put some credence of belief into the fact that it will not be as bad. Courses that took the big decision to re grass will benefit and the courses that enjoyed the results of re-grassing to bentgrass prior to last winter will look forward to another relatively problem free winter period.

The weather has dried out and fall colors are completely on show, some dollar spot activity has still been reported as well as Microdochium activity - with the moisture last week along with the cooler temperatures it was expected. One other disease that popped up this week which I have not seen so far was red thread - not hugely damaging but always an interesting visual. Rust is still hanging around and some courses have been forced to make the unusual step of making a control application. Earthworm activity has subsided somewhat and so have the unsightly casts that become smeared all over fairways which are playing firm and fast this week. The abundant sunshine late in the week and predicted temperatures in the low 70's will really help turf to regain any density lost from aeration and the cool cloudy conditions.

Plenty of projects are ongoing - many of the courses are in the process of being put to bed, but there is still time to get out there and enjoy it - it might be a long winter!

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