Friday, October 10, 2014

Frost and Trees and Sunshine

Today (Friday, October 9th) we had another frost - one of the hardest to date.  Even though the weatherman says the low would only be 42, we had a low of 32 on the bog.  This may sound weird, but it is very normal for Biltmore because of "cold air drainage".  A phenomenon where the cold air from surrounding areas drains/flows to the lower areas (ie the bog).  We typically see temperatures 5-10 degrees below nearby locations.  Frosts occur more often and more frequently at Biltmore.
Frost - a sure sign Fall has arrived.
In the last few weeks we removed many trees around the course.  The  majority of these trees fell into two categories, those infected with diseases/ insects and and those causing turf issues (shade and air movement).  The majority of the trees removed were Green Ash infected with Emerald Ash Borer (EAB).  Many of the pines removed were also starting to die from other diseases and over planting. The pines removed around #4 tee starting to die and those around #8 green were also starting to thin and cause shade issues on the green.  Next spring new plantings of bushes will be installed left of #4 tee and behind #8 green.   All of the trees were approved by the Green Committee and the Board of Directors.

Sunshine on #8 green - Early morning sunshine on this green was rare due to the pines that surrounded the green.  Next spring bushes will be planted that will create a buffer between the cart path and the green, but still allowing the most important sunshine of the day to hit the green, early morning.
Rust - a disease that can turn your shoes a "rusty" color.  Mostly affects older Kentucky Bluegrass varieties.  It can make areas of turf look almost brown.  Very often seen in the fall and rarely kills the turf, but can thin it.