Friday, October 31, 2014

Snow, Leaves, Trees and New Tee

This week was busy with leave removal.  All of the leaves on the golf course are mulched/ ground up and left in place to decompose in the rough.  It is amazing the amount of leaf material that can disappear into the rough.

1st snow of the winter.  It will be windy and cold today, with hard frosts this weekend.  But next week looks better.

Yellowwood (Cladrastis kentukea) is one of my favorite trees.  It has a nice bright yellow fall color and white fragrant flowers in June.  It grows 30-40' tall with smooth bark and very hard wood.  It gets its name from the wood which is yellow in color.  This one I planted behind the 1/2 way house and we have a few others on the right of #3 tee.

Bald Cyprus (Taxodium distichum) is another one of my favorite trees.  It is ideally suited for the peat bog.  A native of swamps it does very well in Biltmore's bog.  It is one of a few evergreen trees that drops it's needles in the fall.  Some of the trees produce "knees" which was once thought to help move oxygen to the roots, but current thought is they are used to help stabilize the tree.

Each day we clear the course of leaves (weather permitting).  Most of the remaining leave will come down this weekend.

#3 Ladies Tee.  We have completed work on the new tee but will not install the sod until next spring, giving it time to settle over the winter.