Friday, October 17, 2014

Week in Pictures

Red Maple in full color.
Ball Marks - with the rains/ soft greens please repair your ball marks and pick up your feet when walking across the greens.  Scuff marks from shoes have also become an issue lately.

Fall color is peaking - the course is still drying from the rains earlier this week.

#14 green - This time of year, our goal is turf health as we prepare the course for winter.  Greens will be slower than normal as we are encouraging more turf growth, and raising heights of cut slightly.  

Earthworm castings continue to be an issue.  We have been topdressing fairways with sand where we had issues in the past, now worms are moving onto the peat fairways.  This is a pictures of #1 fairway and a place we have not top dressed with sand in the past, but will start to now.  Earthworms are also very active in the rough, making the turf thin and muddy in areas.