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CDGA Weekly Update - Nov 14, 2014

November 14, 2014 Scouting Report

As we celebrated the centenary of the Chicago District Golf Association with more than 500 of the Association members and dignitaries, it was hard to not reflect on what the Association has done for the turf industry both locally, regionally and globally. The focus of course on the dinner was the service that the Association has provided to the golfers, but in the last 40 years (almost!) the director of turfgrass programs job has been a unique position that directly impacts golf course superintendents all over the region. Discussions surfaced on how the position came to arrive - with thanks to Denny Davenport and Ray Anderson for having the fortitude to put it in place. The hope is that the position goes from strength to strength and is still in place in another 100 years! Thank you all for all the support and input that make the job a great one!

There were other meetings this week of course. The Central Illinois Golf Course Superintendents had their end of year education day which was well attended and saw some very interesting topics covered including drones, the new alliance between course mechanics and superintendents and winter damage thoughts. Further to that was the annual MAGCS Medinah clinic where Dr. Paul Koch and Dr. Kevin Frank gave excellent presentations on snow mold and winter damage topics. On that front upcoming (Jan. 13-14) is the annual ITF conference at Bolingbrook Golf Club. Speakers penciled in include Dr. Jason Henderson from the University of Connecticut, Dr. Roch Gaussoin from the University of Nebraska, Dr. Aaron Patton from Purdue University and Paul Vermuelen, PGA Tour Agronomist, amongst others. Click here to register for the early bird fee.

Finally, the bottom fell out of the weather on us. Many rushed to get pipes blown out and there were some problems getting compressors - however I think most people were cleared out and ready for winter. Snow fall should begin next week and whether or not it will be as bad as last year - it remains to be seen - but the long term forecast is not overly promising right now. Our snow mold trials have gone out this week and the second applications will go out in two weeks time - weather permitting! We are getting to the late stages of the scouting report for the year and so if there is a topic you might like covered that has not been touched yet - let me know!

Click here to view the November 14, 2014 Scouting Report

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