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CDGA Weekly Update - November 7, 2014

November 7, 2014 Scouting Report

Another golf season has ended and a season of preparation has begun. It certainly came down with a splash as the snow flew last week and many courses have experienced some very hard frosts. Preparations for snow mold are at a minimum underway while many of you may have already begun to make the move based on the predicted climatic conditions. Temperatures are set to progress into the teens in the next week and this will mean that a vast amount of turf will have stopped growing and so it will also be past the stage of using fertility. The first round of education begins next week also at the Medinah clinic at Medinah CC - Dr. Kevin Frank and Dr. Paul Koch are going to provide some excellent insights at the meeting - make sure to attend. The other date that of course is going to be important is the annual club leadership conference at Medinah Country Club. The date has been set for February 21st and we can't wait to see superintendents and greens chairmen alike sitting down to discuss the pressing topics in the industry pertaining to the grass on the golf course - mark the calendars!

Disease activity has completely dropped off and the cold temperatures have put a hit on most other activity too with the exception of leaf fall. That however is starting to cease as well thankfully! Equipment repair, tree projects and renovations are all under way, while many of the courses that re grassed in the summer are now looking at excellent coverages of bentgrass and are excited for the coming winter and the promise of smooth and fast surfaces next summer. The agronomy meetings had many interesting topics, not least or most, potassium levels and the impact on anthracnose in New Jersey, nematodes in Canada, colorants and their potential overwinter use on zoysiagrass fairways in the transition zone, fairway height fine fescue management in Minnesota as well as a symposium on the effect of nutrient cycling in urban grassland soils on soil and water quality.

Over the winter we will be asking you about your late season fertility programs - questions about N source and rate amongst other things will be the focus - that being the case if you can please keep the label of the greens fertilizer you used this season please do along with some of the basic information regarding date of application and volumes. We do not want the data right now but certainly in conjunction with MAGCS will be putting out a short survey that will require some attention to the fertility details.

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