Friday, April 17, 2015

Aerification - 4 days later

4 days ago we aerified greens and tees and 16 days ago the greens opened.  Aerification process went as planned and the greens are now healing.  Typically it takes about 14 days for the greens to recover and soon after we will be back to our normal in-season height of cut and green speeds.  Until then, the greens will be a bit bumpy and slower than normal.

After aerification we don’t cut the greens until Friday afternoon.  This is because of all the sand on the greens used to fill the aerification holes.  The sand is more easily picked up by the rollers on the mowers and then by the cutting units, especially when there is dew on the grass.  A dry cut in the afternoon picks up less sand.  The reels/cutting unit (cutting part of the mower) are easily damaged by sand which then leads to a poor cut on the greens.  A poor cut can allow diseases to enter the plant.  For this reason we wait until Friday afternoon to make the 1st cut after aerification.  Depending on how much sand is picked up, we may skip mowing on this Sat and/or Sun as well following aerification.
Javier cutting greens following aerification earlier this week.
Typically by next week we can begin cutting greens daily, in the morning.  We have also started cutting rough and continue until next winter.
Today we completed the removal of Buckthorn and Honeysuckle from the walking path below Biltmore Drive.  This helps this natural area improve by removing the non-native plants, but is also part of our Audubon Sanctuary Certification and it opened up a vista that had been lost of Honey Lake.
Buckthorn and Honeysuckle removed.